Anglés, Variat

English Resources

1. ESL content

  •   Pàgina per a practicar l’anglés amb activitats molt variades, de flashcards de vocabulari a listenings. Busca el teu nivell i a practicar:
  • Richmond Wonders series lives up to this definition and will provide a pleasant learning experience for both the children and the teacher.Each unit of work is a web of different strands of learning objectives leading off from a central focus. The unit web strands interleave and interleave again with the subsequent levels to create a solid language fabric:

2. CLASSROOM RESOURCES (need to open an account but free)

  • real life science

3. INFORMATION. If you know english you can visit it with children.

  • Si saps anglés, a aquesta pàgina obtindràs resposes a eixes preguntes científiques que sempre t’has fet:

4. BOOKS Free books online.




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